Repairing Lawns Damaged By Salt And Pets


HOMEOWNERS Repairing Lawns Damaged By Salt And Pets (NAPSA)—Winter sidewalk and road deicing can combine with compacted soil to produce a toxic environment for grass. While fer- tilizer can provide nutrients for ecrowth, it does nothing to improve the condition of the soil. That’s why lawn care professionals make the application of gypsum their first step in spring lawn care. Gypsum neutralizes the dam- age caused by salt and pets, improving soil density, the foun- dation for a beautiful lawn. Gypsum conditions the soil and loosens heavy, compacted clay. According to Dave Jackson of Old- castle, a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden products, gypsum physically changes the struc- ture of the soil to improve drainage, prevent runoff and erosion, while encouraging deeper, healthier root growth. Gypsum also corrects pet damage to grass and is easy to apply. Convenient pelletized gypsum, available from brand names such as Yardright™ and Correct”, can be worked into the soil with a rototiller, mixed by hand in planting beds, or spread easily over lawns with standardfertilizer spreaders. Experts recommend applying gypsum to existing lawns twice each year. For more information, visit