Most of us agree that local school districts and state government are responsible for some of the major issues in k-twelve education. A new national poll by Ed-Choice and Braun Research shows parents’ schooling preferences don’t line up with what their kids are getting. And the same goes for public school teachers and their own kids. School choice gives parents the opportunity to change that. Support for all types of school choice is on the rise. But education savings accounts, E-S-As, are by far the most popular. Especially among parents and public school teachers. These programs give parents money to choose the educational setting that’s best for their children. Some will say the real problem is that schools don’t get enough funding. The truth is, most people—even teachers—don’t know how much our schools spend. Public schools actually spend twelve-thousand, two-hundred and one dollars per student, on average. And private school tuition costs ten-thousand, six hundred and seventy-six dollars, on average. Before throwing more money at the problem, we should start making sure more of the money that the government already spends is getting to parents and teachers first. To learn more about school choice, visit ed-choice--dot--org--slash--f-a-q-s.