Seasonal Or Dated Releases


We recommend getting dated material approved for distribution at least three months prior to the deadline. Editors will start to receive your story immediately, for online distribution, and shortly thereafter for those that receive our CD’s and hard copy formats. They may hold on to stories until they need those to fill a special section, for up to about three months, or maybe longer for evergreen stories. For holidays and seasonal stories, we can send those out a little closer to the deadline but it’s better to be early as sections start to fill up.

Here is a list of significant dates that our clients write stories for and the suggested release dates:

1/15 Spring
1/30 Easter
3/15 Mother’s Day, Graduation
3/30 Memorial Day
4/15 Father’s Day, summer
5/1 Labor Day, Back to School, Fall
6/30 Halloween, Winter
9/30 Thanksgiving
10/15 Christmas/Holiday
10/30 New Year’s
11/15 Taxes
12/15 Valentine’s Day, President’s Day

Be sure to leave at least a few days or a week for writing, art, production and approvals. Most placements will occur within the first three months after approval. It will take a little longer to get those to you as we have to find those and enter the results so we can generate a report for you. The early bird will get the best results so let’s get started! We’ll be a step ahead of the game if we can get approval before the suggested release dates. We can hold the release until
you are ready to send it out.