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Simple Steps for the Best Spring Break Ever


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(NAPSI)—Spring break is around the corner, and students everywhere are pulling out the essentials to prepare—whether that’s sunscreen to catch some rays, extra layers to hit the slopes, or fresh sheets to catch up on sleep. To make the most out of their time off, students should do some extra homework to make sure any travel in their spring break plans goes smoothly.



Before embarking on a spring break journey, review the following checklist of steps to ace your break:



Check travel requirements. Do your research before departing for your travel destination to check if there are any vaccines or medications you will need before your arrival. Some destinations may also have ongoing health risks, such as unsafe tap water, foreign diseases, or public health emergencies. You may want to check in with your health care provider as well before your departure.



Plan for unexpected issues. Consider getting travel insurance and making photocopies of your passport, government ID, and travel tickets to have as a back-up. Do a search to plan how you can access health care facilities at your destination in case of emergency. If you are traveling alone, be sure to designate an emergency contact from home.



Pack accordingly. Prevent illness or discomfort from disrupting your trip by packing sunscreen, weather-suitable clothing, bug repellent, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated. Make sure whatever liquids you pack meet any carry-on bag requirements or make a plan to purchase replacements upon arrival.



Update your COVID-19 protection. Get an updated COVID vaccine if your last dose was before September 2022. COVID can still be spread through crowds and an updated COVID vaccine can restore protection from hospitalization, severe illness, or premature death. Consider taking several masks with you as well if you will be in large groups or crowded public transportation. 



“Spring break is a great time to let off some steam, but don’t let your guard down, especially as you travel to new places and find yourself in large crowds,” said Dr. Tom Ellison, Medical Services Director and PI for Project HELP and Alabama State Director and National Board Member for Doctors For America. “A COVID infection can still cause severe illness and hospitalization, including the risk of long COVID—and no one wants to miss out on opportunities while dealing with long-lasting symptoms.”



Spring break is a great time to enjoy a change from the hard work put in during the school year. Taking time to plan for a fun and healthy spring break will help you stay well and save hours of headaches and delays if trouble arises.



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"“Spring break is a great time, but don’t let your guard down. COVID can still cause severe illness,” said Dr. Tom Ellison, Medical Services Director and PI for Project HELP and Alabama State Director and National Board Member for Doctors For America."