Six Mindful Ways To Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolutions


This post is written by Tara Sowlaty and Jesse De Lowe of How You Glow is sponsored by The Incredible Egg. All opinions expressed are their own.
(NAPSI)—We all know that the typical “New Year resolutions” we frantically set as January 1st approaches typically FAIL. This year, we want to inspire a Resolution Revolution. That means instead of swearing off every guilty pleasure and turning our lives completely upside down to be healthful, we encourage you to commit to layering in simple additions to your life that will actually change your health for the better in the long-term. This holistic, gentle approach is truly #howyouglow. Let’s celebrate “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day” together on January 17, and, instead, let’s focus on a total wellness journey—including delicious ways to meet goals—using a mind, body and soul approach.

So, in honor of beating the crazed holiday rush, we’re going to get ahead and share some wholesome, mindful ways you can upgrade your life on a day-to-day basis, laying the groundwork for your glowiest year yet! Now is the time to mentally prepare yourself for a long-term lifestyle shift, rather than stressing over short-term lists of specific goals that you “need to achieve,” which often sets you up for failure. Looking for somewhere to start? Something as easy as adding nutrient-dense, protein-packed eggs into your diet can be a conscious way to elevate your meal. Eggs are pretty much a perfect food in our opinion—they keep us feeling full, yet light, and energized, yet balanced. Adding in a perfect form of nourishment, such as eggs, into your diet allows you to maintain a sense of focus so you can make the right choices throughout your day.

Why are eggs so glowy? Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse, with one large egg containing 6 grams of high-quality protein and nine essential amino acids, all for 70 calories. Even better? There are several nutrients that are uniquely found in eggs. For example, eggs are one of the richest food sources of choline, which is important for fetal brain development and maintaining optimal brain function later in life (we’re looking at you mamas to be!!). Eggs are also one of the only natural sources of vitamin D, providing 41 IU per large egg—aka, we’ll be eating eggs all winter long. The delicious yolk is our favorite part, and if you are someone who avoids it, we encourage you not to!! Yolks contain most of the egg’s nutrients like choline, vitamin B12, selenium and more than 40 percent of the protein in an egg. 40 PERCENT, YOU GUYS! The yolk also includes fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin D, E, A, and the carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. For more information and recipe inspiration, check out the Incredible Egg website!


1—MINDFUL GROCERY SHOPPING: Transform grocery shopping into a mindful practice by making a list beforehand so that you enter prepared to make the right choices. Try to avoid processed foods and stick to fresh, whole foods. Our trick to doing this: Spend most of your time on the perimeter of the grocery store where the produce and refrigerated items are. The goal is to eat as many colorful veggies as possible and pack your cart with nutritious proteins. Shopping on a budget? Eggs are one of the most affordable sources of high-quality protein, allowing you to eat well no matter what your budget is!

2—MINDFULNESS TOOLS: Build a mindfulness tool kit! We love to keep palo santo, crystals, sage and essential oils handy to provide a sense of calm and relaxation on the daily. Once you find what works for you, create a daily + evening ritual that serves you. We always start the day by lighting palo santo and performing a loving kindness meditation using a rose quartz crystal. Then, we end the day with lavender essential oil aromatherapy.

3—COOK MORE: Instead of ordering in or going out when you’re in a rush, prepare nutritious “fast food” that you can make at home. Our favorite go-to ingredient for making a wholesome last-minute meal is a hard-boiled egg, perfect for topping avocado toast (a morning must-have for us!), lunchtime salads, or even just sprinkling with salt and pepper for an easy on-the-go snack. If you keep a carton of eggs in your fridge, you can always whip up something delicious and full of high-quality protein to help keep you fuller, longer. Obviously, there’s avocado toast, but think bigger: veggie frittata, paleo banana pancakes, etc… the limit does not exist!

4—JOURNALING: Set intentions every morning when you wake up and write down reflections from the day before you go to sleep. Journaling like this is a fool-proof way to bring awareness to your goals and actions as well as to make improvements in your life. We also love to write down what we’re grateful for every day as a simple reminder.

5—ART: Get creative!! Wake up your soul by making something with your hands! Collage, paint, draw, whatever you have access to! If you don’t have any art supplies, you can use whatever you have around the house (we used our eggs as a canvas and had a blast!!)

6—MEDITATE: Take some time to still your mind and breathe. Meditation doesn’t have to look any certain way… maybe a walk on the beach, a hike, or a yoga class can be your meditation. We recommend meditating with a friend as it creates a deeper connection!


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