Smart Step: Stones


(NAPSA)—To keep down weeds, preserve soil moisture, simplify mowing and provide a decorative accent, many gardeners these days are turning to stone. Landscaping stone, they say, is a safe and practical alternative to wood mulches. Landscaping stone can be an attractive and pest-free alternative to wood-chip mulch. Since landscaping stoneis a stable material, it offers many of the benefits of mulch, without the dan- ger of deteriorating and encouraging mold, fungus or insects. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and textures ranging from white marble chips through deep granite, as well as red, pink, brown andyellow. Decorative landscaping stone under the names Durascape and YardRight Lawn and Garden Products, can be found at most lawn and garden centers, home improvement centers and many hardware stores. You can learn more by calling 1-800-526-1753.