Social Security News And Notes

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For the past twenty years, over one million individuals with disabilities have been able to pursue their financial independence through work because of Social Security’s Ticket to Work program. Also known as the Ticket program, it helps eligible beneficiaries get free services and support as they discover—or rediscover—the benefits of work and earning income. If you’re age eighteen through sixty-four and get Social Security Disability Insurance, or S-S-D-I; or Supplemental Security Income, or S-S-I; due to a disability, you’re eligible for free services to help you prepare for, find and maintain work. You’ll have a team behind you to help you get ready for interviews and understand how working and earning income will affect your Social Security and other benefits. To learn more and get started, visit Choose-Work--dot--S-S-A--dot--gov. Or call 1--8-6-6--9-6-8--7-8-4-2 or 1--8-6-6--8-3-3--2-9-6-7 for T-T-Y.