Hi friends, Whitney here. Welcome back to another episode of the word. It’s National Nutrition Month, so today I want to share with you three easy ways you can up the nutrient density of your meals in partnership with California strawberries. My philosophy, when it comes to nutrition, is focus on what you can add to your meal, not what you think you should take away. So let’s talk about upgrades. Here are three super simple ways to boost your bite: Number one, add strawberries. Not only are strawberries delicious, they’re also packed with antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals. Strawberries are also a good source of potassium which may help to control blood sugar and prevent strokes. Studies have also shown that eating strawberries more than twice a week may delay cognitive aging by up to two-point-five years. I like to toss strawberries on salads, puree them and stir them into my oatmeal and enjoy them as a healthy snack with my son. Number two, add seeds. You know I’m a huge seed fanatic. Not only do I eat chia, flax and hemp seeds every day at home, I even bring them with me in a little baggie when I travel. Seeds are an easy way to add protein, fiber, omega-three fatty acids, iron and zinc to meals. I mix them in my oatmeal, toss them in my smoothies and even sprinkle them on top of toast and salads. I also use chia seeds and strawberries to make my sugar-free two-minute chia seed jam. It is seriously so easy. Here’s how to make it. Puree a half cup of fresh or defrosted frozen strawberries. Stir in one-fourth cup of chia seeds. Let the mixture set for at least ten minutes. Spread on toast and enjoy. Number three, add a source of vitamin C. While plant-based diets are rich in iron, that iron is less bioavailable than the iron found in meat. You can increase iron absorption from plants, however, by three to six times by simply adding a source of vitamin C. One of the very best sources of vitamin C is strawberries. In fact, one serving has a full day’s worth of vitamin C. This is another reason I like to use strawberries in my chia jam. They add flavor and they unlock the iron in the seeds. And those are my tips. How do you up the nutrient density of your meals? Let me know. I’m Whitney. Thanks for watching.