Pointers For Parents

Sweet Solutions For A Successful School Year


(NAPSI)—A new school year is upon us, and as students everywhere gear up for an exciting time of learning ahead, the best way to set them up for success is to gather all their back-to-school essentials. Help your child start the year on the right foot with these four tips for packing his or her backpack. Each pointer will keep any student on his or her A game for a fun and eventful first day.

1. Make a statement with your backpack. Select a pack that gives your child confidence to start a conversation with other students. Having favorite characters in common can begin any great friendship.

2. Carry the right writing utensils. Include a pencil case with pencils, highlighters, colorful pens, erasers and sticky notes to keep your child organized throughout the day.

3. Think beyond school supplies. Prepare your child for anything by adding nontraditional items such as an extra pair of glasses, sunscreen, an umbrella or a hat. Consider including a reusable water bottle to help your child stay hydrated all day.

4. Add delicious, fruit-forward snacks for fuel. HI-CHEW™, the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy, is a satisfying snack that provides a bright explosion of real-fruit flavor. Made with real fruit juices and purees and 100 percent free of cholesterol, artificial colors, nuts and gluten, the candy will spark any kid’s taste buds.

Snacks are especially important as the school year calls for students to be alert and energized between schoolwork and play. Top your back-to-school list with HI-CHEW™, available in a variety of formats and flavors for any child’s enjoyment. Each 10-piece stick pack can easily fit in your child’s backpack, lunch-box or pocket, perfect for always having a favorite flavor handy from the first bell to after-school activities. HI-CHEW™ sticks are available in seven mouthwatering flavors, including Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi and Açaí. Each chew provides a burst of vibrant, real-fruit flavor and soft, chewy texture.

In addition to 10-piece stick packs, HI-CHEW™ mixed bags are available with individually wrapped pieces for a variety of fruity fun. Perfect to hand out for the whole class to enjoy or to pack in your pocket for a pick-me-up, there’s a mix of chews for every child’s flavor preference. The HI-CHEW™ Original Mix includes classic flavors such as Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango and Grape. There is also a Tropical Mix, which provides a refreshing assortment of exotic flavors, including fan-favorite Mango, Kiwi and Pineapple, perfect for children who want a taste of summer during their school day. No matter which mix you choose, each bag is great for sharing with classmates, celebrating birthdays and as a sweet reward for a job well done.

Where to Get It

For further facts or to order the tasty treat, go to www.HI-CHEW.com.