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Taking The Pain Out Of Live Event Management


(NAPSI)—Anyone involved in running a theater, festival, or a sporting or live music event knows all too well the difficulty of doing it on your own. Some event managers turn to third parties like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster to get help with critical ticket sales, but one of the biggest pain points is finding an effective ticketing solution that supports their brand. When ticketing, marketing, fundraising and donation activities are not synchronized, event managers spend more time managing their business rather than the event itself. This leads to lost profits and angry patrons.

Rick Blair, co-founder of Artisan Center Theater in Hurst, TX, went through years of trying different ticket brokers to increase sales, but was put off by the high fees and lack of personal attention. He also found that the solutions he tried did not work well with his other tools. “I had separate platforms for ticketing, marketing, website updates and donor management. None of them talked to each other and the entire process was a mess,” he said.

Two years ago, he discovered the Vendini ticketing platform. Now the theater has an all-in-one system to handle VIP alerts and online, mobile and box office ticket sales that integrates with e-mail, social and direct marketing.

By using Vendini’s Patron Connect, Blair and his team are notified when a donor is coming to the show and where they will be sitting. “When I get the alert, I can rush to my office, write a thank-you card, and slip it onto the donor’s seat before they arrive. That has resulted in many new donations because everyone appreciates a personal touch. Patron Connect is one of my most powerful marketing tools.”

Vendini makes event execution simpler and faster. Event managers can create an event, specify dates and times, set pricing, and start selling tickets in minutes. Vendini’s live event management software helps managers like Blair run events more easily and effectively.

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