Technology Tip Sheet


Power up your technology feature story and boost results with these tips:

1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching color photos or informative charts and graphs.

2. Statistics: Inform readers with compelling statistics from a credible source such as a trade organization or a
government agency.

3. Website: Include a link to a unique landing page on your website or social media site for more helpful information, possibly with an order form or a coupon, to help you to track where sales are coming from.

4. Phone: Include a phone number for more helpful information, which will help you to track where sales are coming from, and to help give readers a way to reach out to you if they are in one of the 30% of American households
that don’t yet have Internet access.

5. Education: Give tips on how to help children succeed in school with affordable Internet technology that provides valuable resources and include links to a few sites that can help, with a brief description of each opportunity.

6. Problem Solving: Give readers a list of possible errors they can avoid and include a mention of your product or service as a possible solution to help solve a problem.

7. Quality of Life: Offer tips to improve the quality of life of your readers in quick, easy, convenient and economical ways.

8. Small Business: Alert business owners and their staff about game-changing ways to succeed with updated technology that will help maximize their productivity.

9. Cloud-Based Technology: Inform readers of the opportunities to save time, trouble and money, including information about security, potential for real-time collaboration and reducing hardware, paperwork and management costs.

10. Jobs: Encourage readers, by alerting them of the career opportunities, to get the education, professional
development and training they need to help fill the many manufacturing, technician and other job openings.

11. Scholarships: Include information about online resources for simple and effective tools to help readers to
compare schools and qualify to win a scholarship for financial aid for an education.

12. Research: Indicate several ways that readers can find the information they are looking for, including your
site as a potential source of information.

13. Trends: Inform readers about technology trends to help them get peace of mind, such as streaming live
video to help care for a loved one at home.

14. Instruction: Offer the readers advice on how to properly use your product or service safely, effectively
and economically.

15. Myth Busting: Clear up any misconceptions that readers may have about advice they may have received
from a tech-savvy friend, relative or coworker, and give them the truth about your product or service.

16. Alternative Uses: Offer tips on how your technology can be used in a surprising variety of ways to help
readers at home, work or on the go.

17. Security: Inform readers about how they can protect their assets and health.