The Series Technique Of National Publicity

Reaching Millions More People Where They Live In Community News Outlets Nationwide


Here’s why savvy PR pros are doing a more thorough job and maximizing potential reach with a cost-effective series for the message that management cares about most:
1. You can influence a powerful, well educated, affluent group of suburbanites by doing a bylined series of feature news articles by your CEO or expert.
2. Busy editors, with news holes to fill, welcome the opportunity to offer advice from your leadership that they can run much like a syndicated column, drawing more and more readers each time as the series builds, with a snowball effect.
3. Editors are more likely to run articles that are part of a series because, as the series grows more popular, the continuity of readership becomes more marketable to advertisers and helps attract relevant ads that can be sold all around your stories, which keep eyes on the page longer so ads are more likely to get noticed.
4. You can reach an untapped market ahead of your competition, establish your expert as a thought leader and keep your message in the forefront of the public consciousness.
5. Your message will have more credibility if it is read in multiple trusted news outlets. Feature news articles, published with editorial discretion and fact-checked for accuracy, are more likely to be believed and relied on than advertisements.
6. Not everyone reads every page of a major daily publication every day. They may miss reading your article there and may be more likely to find it in a community newspaper with few pages that is delivered to people’s homes and stays there for a whole week.
7. It is more likely that you will saturate the market with your message if you present it several times, getting into new publications and reaching new people with each article.
8. You are more likely to generate buzz and engage people in your target group as readers share your helpful information found in their trusted news sources.
9. You’ll drive more traffic to your sites, receive more calls, e-mails and inquiries, and generate more of the desired responses with each article, whether the goal is increased sales, creating awareness, building brand loyalty or generating letters to legislators.
10. You’ll save time by letting us write or lightly edit your release, for maximum effectiveness.
11. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that you got advice from our editors, who are experts at writing and formats that get the best results in community news outlets in the wealthy suburbs nationwide. After 60 years of being in this business, we know what to expect. Editors trust us and rely on us routinely for a steady supply of wonderfully written and credibly sourced feature stories in the formats they require and they are much more likely to accept our calls and e-mails and use our stories than those from a stranger.

Here are several topics for a series, bylined by your expert, that are popular with feature news editors who need to fill special sections:
1. Health: advice from a doctor or medical expert to protect health or treat an ailment.
2. Family Finances: tips from a financial adviser to grow wealth, get financing or protect assets.
3. Home Improvement: “How to” or DIY articles for decorating, remodeling, lawn and garden care, energy efficiency or safety.
4. Food: recipes, nutritional information, diet, celebrity chefs, cookbooks or cooking contests.
5. Technology: solving a problem or improving lives with new developments.
6. Auto: energy efficiency to save at the gas pump, driving safety, maintenance tips and trends.
7. Travel: vacation of a lifetime ideas, most spectacular sights or making family life more fun.

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