Tips For Cooking With Kids


Or SParents Celebrity Chef, Rachael Ray, Provides Tips for Cooking (and Cleaning) with Kids (NAPSA)—Most adults remem- out 99 top food stains. Additional tips and recipes can ber cooking with their families and the tasty creations, fun be found at At the same Website you can find exclusive excerpts from Ray’s upcoming new cookbookfor kids. recipes and important skills they learned in the kitchen. Today, cooking is still a valuable and enjoyable way for families to re- Rachael Ray’s Caramel Peanut connect and spend time together. But when you mention cooking with kids, most parents agreeit is not always easy to have kids help out in the kitchen, where they are notorious for making big messes. And with today’s busy schedules, are the messes deterring families from the experience? A recent survey, sponsored by “all” laundry brand, set out to determine how moms and kids feel about cooking together. The survey found that the mess children make in the kitchen is the number one reason motherscited for not cooking with their kids more often, followed by lack of time. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of moms (eighty-two percent) said they would cook more with their kids if they did not have to worry about the mess. That’s why celebrity chef Rachael Ray is teaming up with “all” laundry Cooking with your kids is espe- cially fun when you don’t have to worry about the mess. “Cooking is a wonderful and engaging way to keep children learning, developing and entertained,” said Ray. “By following simple tips, families can handle kitchen messes and focus on having fun.” A few of the tips to help small chefs managea big mess, include: e Put a premium on prep of the Food Net- achae'aY_sRay’s 30-Minute Meals,” was raised in a cooking family and knowsfirsthand the valuable lessons and skills children can gain by cooking with 2 tablespoons lemon juice (juice of 4 lemon) 1 cup waterplus 1 tablespoon, a splash 2 tablespoonfuls creamy peanut butter A pinch of cinnamon UNWRAPcandies and place makethebest utensils. Cook ’til you drop. Lay out a “washable drop cloth” on the floor (an old bed sheet works wonders) and core the slices. GH should then slice apples into 8 pieces per apple. Squirt lemon juice of time and keep the equipment list short. Sometimes your hands that can simply be thrown into the your routine.It’s okay to make a mess, but try to routinely begin your clean up while your food is cooking. Good habits learned early are more likely to become lasting habits. work’s “Rachael 2 Fugi apples into a bowl. and recipes to cope with kitchen more enjoyable. Ray, a noted chef, author and host Ingredients: 24 wrapped caramel candies, % of a 14 ounce bag time. Prepare ingredients ahead washing machineafter cooking. messes and make cooking with kids their parents. for Kids detergent to pro- vide helpful tips Re hael Ray Butter Dip and Fugi Apples e Make clean up part of 360 Spot Check. After cooking with your children, take turns doing a 360 check of their clothing and yours for stains. Treating stains early helps to reduce them from setting and ruining clothing. To remove stains, choose a laundry detergent like “all” that’s formulated to get HAVE GH (Grown Helper) cut Fugi apples into quarters into a bowl with 1 cup water. Add sliced apples and turn them around in the lemon water, then drain them ina strainer or colander. ADD 1 tablespoon water and peanut butter to your caramel candies. Place candies in microwave oven on high for 2 minutes. Stir the dip up with a rubber spatula. If the candy is not melted all the way, put it back in the microwave on high for another 20 seconds. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the sauce andstir. PLACE apples next to the dip and start dunking! Serves four.