Transporting COVID-19 Vaccines


Since the onset of the Covid-nineteen pandemic, we have continued our work as an essential service to keep the world connected. We used our network and resources to quickly help the communities where our team members live and work around the globe, while making safety our top priority. As global supply chain leaders, we are transporting Covid-nineteen vaccines safely and swiftly around the world. Armed with more than six hundred and seventy aircraft, one hundred and eighty thousand vehicles, five thousand facilities and six hundred thousand team members, we’re moving components critical to making the vaccines—from the countries where they’re produced to manufacturing locations around the world. This includes everything from raw materials that make up the vaccines to kits of vaccine-related supplies, to the P-P-E healthcare professionals wear in labs and dosing centers. Shipments are coordinated and transported to where they are needed most, at the direction of governments and public health organizations. Vaccines are picked up from the manufacturers and moved through our network using our Fedex Express air operations, cold chain facilities and sensor-based tracking technologies. Since vaccines need to maintain specific temperatures throughout transport, our dedicated team members and sophisticated technology tracks these important shipments throughout their journey, and helps maintain temperature consistency. In communities around the world, we are delivering vaccines to hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and clinics for administration. Our global network stands ready to ship Covid-nineteen vaccines around the world. When it matters most, Fedex delivers.