Travel Tip Sheet


Here are tips that will help you get more mileage for your travel section story:

1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos, up to three in one story.

2. Destination Highlights: Give the readers an exciting reason to travel to your destination, including attractions, museums, entertainment, sports, nighttime hot spots, performing arts and music, parks and beaches.

3. Target: Include information targeting families with children, seniors, honeymooners, couples and business travelers, and the amenities at the places where they may stay.

4. Budget: Alert readers to travel smart with spe cial packages or how they can save money or time, and give them shopping tips and banking options.

5. Stress Relief: Show readers how they can reduce stress and enjoy comforts while traveling, including relaxation habits, spas, resorts and family-bonding opportunities.

6. Timing: Give editors plenty of time for seasonal travel stories by sending up to three months in advance, allowing them time to plan for special sections.

7. Events: Alert readers to festivals, spectator sports and special events.

8. Technology: Inform readers about the latest technology that can help them plan their trips, secure their homes, communicate and keep entertained while traveling.

9. Safety: Indicate how travelers can stay safe while away.

10. Checklist: Give a checklist of things they won’t want to leave home without.

11. Health: Tell readers how to stay healthy while enjoying a vacation.

12. Rankings: Give readers the top 10 picks of a travel industry expert or publication.

13. Contests: Offer a chance for readers to win a travel-related prize.

14. Dining: Include information about restaurants, bars, cafés and culinary highlights.

15. History: Give readers some interesting historical background about the area.

16. Tours: Inform readers about special tours, excursions, walks and bike rides and how to get around in the area they will be visiting.

17. Websites: Include a link to your website or social media sites or offer guidebooks and brochures for more helpful ideas and information.