Ways We Can Help


Here are some possible story angles that we could help our clients to develop, create content for and disseminate to thousands of media outlets nationwide:

1. Ad campaigns—we can create multimedia features in support of ads.
2. Associations—support trade associations of our clients.
3. Awards—leverage the success of the awards with additional coverage.
4. Books—create awareness of books your clients have written, have been mentioned in or relating to their business (such as cookbooks from celebrity chefs for recipe releases).
5. Business to Business—targeting primarily small businesses and home office workers.
6. Bylined columns—positioning our clients as experts in their field and keeping them in the forefront of public consciousness, ahead of the competition. We can also use industry experts, such as doctors, to byline a column about their products or services.
7. Call-ins for toll-free hotlines or e-mails can be generated with a direct-response paragraph.
8. Certification or accreditation in a particular field, which would build consumer confidence/trust.
9. Consumer education about ways to solve a problem, protect health or grow wealth.
10. Contest—especially those with cash prizes or giveaway items.
11. Issues—tell how the public is affected and how they would gain or lose to contact their congressman on a grass roots level to encourage government action in the public interest.
12. Logo or symbol recognition— especially for rebranding or consumer awareness.
13. Membership building for associations.
14. Minorities and diversity initiatives.
15. Nonprofit organization support for corporate social responsibility (CSR).
16. Offers of brochures, promotional literature or online information.
17. Economic development for governments, chambers of commerce or trade associations.
18. Educate public about the merits of your product, the potential risks and rewards of using it.
19. Energy-saving ideas to protect the environment and reduce costs.
20. Environmental protection, conservation and preservation.
21. Quoting experts with helpful advice for consumers and the general public.
22. Research and Development (R&D) that will help improve people’s lives.
23. Safety advice for protecting against potential hazards.
24. Science—the latest technology that will help solve common problems with ease.
25. Software and the latest apps that will be helpful to consumers or the general public.
26. Special events.
27. Speeches of a company or industry leader that will tell about impactful change.
28. Sports sponsorships, apparel or events.
29. Study, survey or poll with helpful insights.
30. Taxes—tell Americans how to save at tax time.
31. Photos and videos can be repurposed and included as part of a multimedia series.
32. Press releases can be given more mileage by turning those into feature news articles.
33. New or improved products or those with alternative uses.
34. PR agency campaigns can be supplemented with additional coverage in new markets.
35. Websites can be promoted and the following can be increased with a series of features.