We Have What You Need To Succeed:


1. Quality—we have worked especially hard to build warm relationships with:
a) Top 500 dailies—Sunday editors and feature editors are hungry for good content, even while their departmental editors are swamped.
b) Community news outlets in the wealthy suburbs, including 1,000 more dailies and 8,500 weeklies, that go into the homes of board members, top execs, legislators, analysts and professionals.
c) TV and radio stations in major markets with results that will startle management; the abundance of placements is highly skewed to the wealthiest and most populous communities.

2. Quantity
—we deliver more by doing more, including:
a) covering all the newspapers, not just the largest ones or the “biggest users.”
b) reaching out to the right people, who are the best ones to cover, the ones who will use what we send and have been our friends for many years.
c) giving media what they need regularly, in the formats they require, not only in all digital formats but also hard copy and CD’s.

3. Proof
—we offer tangible evidence of a job well done, including:
a) e-clips and links from the huge in-house monitoring service and several outside services.
b) signed usage cards, for broadcast, with contact information.
c) colorful reports with usage maps, bar charts, pie charts, audience metrics and demographics, demonstrating the success of your release at a glance.

4. Speed
—we save you time by:
a) writing a proposed release for your approval, based on your background information, and making any changes, as necessary, before you present to management, all at no cost or obligation.
b) distributing digitally within minutes after approval and sending hard copy, CD’s or DVD’s by first-class mail or overnight to best users.
c) updating reports daily and offering those online 24/7.

5. Safety
—after 60 years of being in this business, we are the experts at what will get the best results, and our experts advise you:
a) based on studying the trends in what is getting the best results every year.
b) to make changes, as may be necessary, to your existing release, to transform it into a feature release that will appeal to editors at community news outlets in the wealthy suburbs, nationwide, so you’ll get the best results.
c) using the most highly talented proofreaders who will double-check for spelling and grammar, verify the accuracy of the data and test links, and guarantee results that will make you and your management proud.

6. Value
—we achieve economies of scale by spreading the cost of what we do over thousands of happy clients. We save you money by:
a) charging much less than it would cost you to try doing “the same thing” yourself.
b) giving you results that are a small fraction of what it would cost you to buy the equivalent amount of space, by any measure.
c) giving you the best prices with a tiered structure to incentivize you to buy again, early and often.

7. Results
—we are the kind of vendor we want our own vendors to be, with no surprises, delivering the maximum results possible, consistently. For the message management cares about most, you can see for yourself what massive additional results you get when you cover all the community news outlets nationwide, all supported by local advertising, existing in the suburbs of major markets. That’s where the people who are hungry for good releases are.

8. Love
—we will make you a hero to your management, editors and the general public. They will love your story and the happiness of the success it will bring. Let’s get started!