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What College Kids Need


(NAPSI)—To give college students something that’ll help them for years, consider these job search tools and resources.

1. Give books on how to successfully navigate the job search process. One of the more popular books is “The Secret to Getting a Job After College: Marketing Tactics to Turn Degrees into Dollars.” The newest edition addresses obstacles that college students have to overcome to make it through the job search process.

The author, Dr. Larry Chiagouris, is a professor at Pace University. He wrote the book after several years working in corporate America, where he realized most students don’t have a clue how to find the best opportunities and then sell themselves to employers.

With this gift, you can provide much-needed guidance. The book provides answers to the tough questions employers tend to ask college students during an interview. It also has tips on preparing cover letters, résumés, and an online presence that can capture the attention of employers. A quick read (something students prefer), it’s available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

2. Give a gift certificate to a printer or to, where they can purchase business cards. These can help students appear more professional than their peers who don’t have them.

3. Provide gift certificates to clothing stores to help with interview prep. Many students don’t understand the importance of a professional appearance when going on an interview. In his book, Dr. Chiagouris provides suggestions as to what to wear—and what not to wear. His bottom line suggestion: Avoid appearing too casual when going on an interview. Overdressing rarely hurts.

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