What Do Sports-Minded Men Know About Prostate Health?


Tnany, ame “ cen ts oud ve af 300 ‘* Shien = By vie ance What Doee Men Know AboutProstate Health? Experts Say, “Not Enough” (NAPS)—Three Football Hall-of- Famers have joined a new team— as part of a national prostate health awareness campaign. Team Prostatonin, whose debut coincides with the release of the “What Do Sports-Minded Men Know About Prostate Health?” survey, features former Rams defensive end Jack Youngblood, Steelers defensive back Mel Blount and Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Mufioz. The team and survey are sponsored by Pharmaton Natural Health Products, the makers of a dietary sup- plementclinically proven to help maintain prostate health. “Just about every guy will have to deal with prostate health, espe- cially those aged 40 andolder, but we found that 30 percent of the respondents are clueless about the function of this part of their bodies,” said Youngblood. The survey found that only seven out of ten men know that the prostate is a gland. Perhaps more importantly, more than a third of the 1,148 men surveyed did not know what they could do to help maintain good prostate health. “Learning about the prostate can help men overcome uneasiness talking about it with their doctors and taking steps to pre- vent problems,” said Mufioz. One new place men can go for information on prostate health is www.teampros.com. On thesite, Dr. Sheldon Pike—the team urolo- gist—provides some answersto frequently asked questions about the prostate. Men can also test their prostate savvy and find out what Youngblood, Blount and Mufioz do Test Your Prostate Health 1. Which better describes the size of your prostate? a. Golf ball. b. Bowling ball. 2. Changesin prostate health are most likely to be noticed by men who: a. Are age 50 orolder. b. Sit too long on thesidelines at a sporting event. 3. Which could bea sign of prostate problems? a. Getting up twice during halftime to urinate. b. Inability to sit on stadium seats without a cushion. 4. Along with eating a properdiet, prostate health can be maintained by: a. Taking a proven dietary supplement. b. Watering down your beer. Answers: 1. a. 2. a. 3. a. 4. a. From the Team Prostatonin National Survey @ to stay in shape and help maintain their prostate health. Prostatonin is the only clinically tested supplement contain- ing both African prune tree bark and nettle root. Each of these standardized, specific extracts has been clinically shown to independently reduce urinary frequency during the day and night, reduce urgency and improve urine flow. “Lots of guys cheered us on,” said Blount. “Now it’s our turn to cheer men on to prostate health victory.” To learn more, visit www.team pros.com.