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A new Genesight (JEAN-sight) mental health monitor from Myriad Genetics has found eighty-three percent of primary care clinicians wish more patients would share mental health concerns. Doing so would help clinicians provide better care. Yet, diagnosis is only the first step on the road to mental wellness. Nurse practitioner Michele Long says this is challenging. [Begin Sound Bite] “Most of my patients, if not every single one, have tried at least one medication.” [End Sound Bite] Genetic testing is helping change that. The Genesight test evaluates how a patient’s genes may affect outcomes for F-D-A-approved medications used to treat depression, anxiety, A-D-H-D and other mental health conditions. The test may reveal which medications require dose adjustments, or have an increased risk of side effects based on a patient’s D-N-A. Long orders the test for her patients. [Begin Sound Bite] “Using that takes out the months and months of trial and error.” [End Sound Bite] Learn more at Gene-sight--dot--com.