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Achieving A Healthy Mind and Body In The New Normal

The last year and a half was challenging and stressful, and achieving mind-body balance amid these changes has not been easy. Starting with the right fitness routine can help you thrive in your new … more

Eye On Health

There are many reasons not to skip routine eye exams. First, research suggests vision loss can affect your brain. People who scored poorly on vision tests were more likely to suffer memory deficits. … more

Delicious Traditional Recipes

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, reports the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention—but you can protect yourself. First, don’t smoke. Next, get regular … more

Health And Well-Being

A new Genesight (jean-sight) mental health monitor national poll has found that eight in ten people with depression feel life would be easier if others could understand their depression. Yet, the … more

Healthy Home

Asthma affects over twenty-four million Americans. More than fifty million suffer from allergies. One problem is that as air in your home circulates through the heating and cooling system, pollen, … more

The Home Gym Is Here To Stay

There’s no better time to start an at-home-fitness routine. Start creating your ultimate home gym with the space-saving, connected Bowflex M-NINE Max Trainer machine. The integrated J-R-N-Y digital … more

Our Health

Over a hundred thousand Americans, mostly Black and multi-racial, have sickle cell disease. While most can’t find a life-saving bone marrow or blood stem cell match, Gift of Life Marrow Registry … more

Eye On Health

As you age, you’re increasingly likely to develop cataracts—your eye’s natural lens becoming cloudy. Fortunately, an ophthalmologist can surgically remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an … more

The Cleaning Season

Whether you’ve been cleaning your home more this year or less, chances are the heating and cooling air ducts haven’t been cleaned at all. Unfortunately, that’s where dirt, germs, mold, mildew, … more


With the recent upheavals in many people’s work and personal lives during the pandemic, you may feel that saving for retirement is harder than ever—but there could be good news to make it a … more

Business News

The Small Business Administration says there are some thirty million small businesses in America. Lately, far too many of them have been dealing with new demands. … more

Nurses Know The Truth About COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Most medical experts agree, the COVID-Nineteen vaccine is the way to fight the pandemic, but myths about it persist. Vaccines work by encouraging your body to generate antibodies to protect … more


Heart disease is a leading cause of death for all Americans, but the death rate is higher for African Americans. Many have some form of heart disease—but it can often be prevented. To that end, The … more

Money Matters

Having a job can put anyone in a better position to build a future—including people with disabilities. To help, Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program provides free employment services to … more

Your Healthy Home

People are increasingly concerned about dirt and germs these pandemic days, but many are neglecting a spot where airborne contaminants can lurk: the air ducts. Even in the cleanest house, the indoor … more

News of Older Americans

Maintaining social connections can improve quality of life and lead to better health, which is particularly important during the COVID-nineteen pandemic. If you’re an older adult or caregiver … more

News Of Jobs

Getting a job may not be as difficult as some people fear thanks to innovative efforts by a government agency. Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program supports career development for people who … more

Making Life More Fun

You may not be able to treat yourself to an exotic vacation trip or even a dinner out these days, but there are other ways to enjoy yourself. For example, collecting classic cars. It can be … more

Education Trends In The Pandemic And Beyond

A recent poll by Morning Consult and Ed-Choice reveals some concerning trends in parents’ opinions on K-12 education. For one thing, parents are not comfortable with children returning to in-person … more

News Of Jobs

Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program helps eligible disability beneficiaries gain financial independence with free, individualized employment services. If you’re ready for work, you can get … more
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